Sometimes casting is the hardest part of the job.

There's a show opening locally in a couple of weeks and they have a major part they're still trying to cast. They'll get it solved and I'm sure it'll be fine, but getting the right person is tough.

Sometimes keeping the right person is tough. The company bringing "Forever Tango" to Popejoy next Thursday had arranged to have Cheryl Burke from TV's "Dancing with the Stars" join the company. She encountered some family problems and had to bow out. Fortunately, they were able to sign Anna Trebunskaya from the same show as Cheryl's replacement. As it turns out, Trebunskaya's specialty is Latin dance, so it should all work just fine.

The interesting notion to me was the perceived need on the part of the producer to add a star at all. Forever Tango has been a sensation for nearly two decades without a star. Why there was a sudden interest in adding star power to a successful show confounds me.

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