It's been hard to miss, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been reported worldwide in mainstream media as the protest spread from a group of concerned protesters in New York City to encompass cities across the country, and as was reported last weekend, around the world.

People have asked, what is the Occupy movement all about. Because of the decentralized nature of the protests (there is no "leader" per se, many decisions are made at a General Assembly meeting – held at 6 p.m. nightly for Occupy Albuquerque), various answers have been given. The easy answer is to quote Marlon Brando in "The Wild One."

"Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?"

"What do ya got?

But there's a different feeling to this protest, the people involved believe there are quite a few things wrong in society, and they want to help correct them.

UNM Peace Studies instructor Desi Brown has been a researcher of social justice movements.  He took a few minutes to share his expertise with me about what the Occupy Wall Street movement is, what they might hope to accomplish, and why the time seemed right for this kind of a social movement.

The Occupy Albuquerque protesters are holding a "Teach-In" for the rest of the week in the UNM Student Union Building. The schedule for the rest of the week is:

Wednesday (Oct. 19)

11:30 AM - Opening/Introductions

11:45 AM - Mark Rudd (CNM Prof.)

-         The Organizing Tradition: Methods and Strategies

12:20 PM - Prof. Alyosha Goldstein (Am. Studies)

-          "‘These grievances are not all-inclusive': OWS, the 1968 Poor People's Campaign, and the Politics of Antiracist, Anticolonial Coalition"

12:45 PM - Prof. Jason Darensburg

- Student Activism and OWS... (also other student activists)

1:00 PM - Prof. Bruce Trigg

-          Beyond Corporate Health Care: the Single Payer Alternative

1:30 PM - Prof. Rich Wood & Common Cause of NM

-          Making Elections Work for the 99%

4:30 to 8:30 PM - Non-Violent Resistance Training

-          S.U.B. Mirage-Thunderbird Room (Upper Floor of S.U.B.)

Free and open to all...! Presented by SWOP, Get Equal and the UNM Peace Studies Program.


Thursday (Oct. 20)

11:30 AM - Opening/Introductions

11:35 AM - Prof. James Burbank

-          Wall Street Rage and Soundbite Simpletons: Why the Media Just Don't Get It

12:00 PM - Prof. Chris Duvall (Geog.)

- Does Food Matter?

12:45 PM - Prof. Emeritus Ted Parnall (UNM Law)

-          Need for Economic Reforms

1:15 PM - Rachel Matier (Degree in Activism & Social Change)

-         War on Drugs in relation to the Occupation

1:45 PM - Closing Comments


Friday (Oct. 21)

11:30 AM - Opening/Introductions

11:45 AM - Prof. John Carr (Geog.)

-         Globalization, corporate governance and causes of world financial crisis

12:15 PM - Christina Juhasz-Wood (AMST Grad. St)

- "Queering the (un) Occupation through the lens of the Poor People's Campaign"

12:30 PM - Bob Anderson (CNM Prof.)

-          Building a new grass roots movement right here!

1:00 PM - Casey Rogers

-         Our Constitutional Republic: The need to get our money and sovereignty back under control

1:30 PM - Levi Monagle (UNM Law Sch - Prof. Rich Wood Intro)

The need for Deep Electoral Reforms at all levels


If you want to join the discussion, visit the Occupy Albuquerque Facebook page.