Is there a New Mexico woman you wish to celebrate? This Women’s History Month, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) wants to throw the confetti.

The WRC is asking for the UNM Community to think of a woman who deserves to be acknowledged for her work and impact on others. Once there’s a name in mind, nominators are encouraged to share her story here.

The woman who receives the most nominations will get a gift basket and certificate. Any nominee, regardless of if they win, will also get a certificate of appreciation. 

The ceremony to honor these special community members will take place at the University Club on Thursday, March 30 at 4 p.m. 

“I believe it is important to celebrate and acknowledge all women and femmes making history now and those who made history. Sisters before me fought for all of us today to be able to have rights such as attend college, have a right to vote, be able to choose our own path and more,” WRC Administrative Team Member Gisell Cereceres Barrera said. “I want to continue to celebrate those women and femmes, those who hold a safe space for everybody, who deeply care, who go the extra mile and nobody acknowledges.” 

This is also in partnership with the Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI), something WRC Interim Director Áine McCarthy says is critical to recognition.  

“Because we know our history, we know we're faced with many of the challenges now that feminists before us fought for too. We envision a future for feminism that will be more intersectional, centering marginalized voices, and trans-inclusive,” she said.  “We're excited to be in partnership with DEI in celebrating Women's History Month and celebrating the role we all get to play in shaping history now.”

Submit any nominee of your choosing to the Women’s Resource Center by March 24. The woman must be a faculty or staff member or student on UNM’s Campus. You can nominate multiple women, but the WRC asks each person to submit one submission per nominee.

“We want to acknowledge all of them! We want them to know that they are important and that they are doing an amazing job!” Barrera said.

Any questions about the nomination process can be sent to