The UNM Dean of Students office recently hosted its second Campus Safety Walk this year. Students and staff walked around campus in teams after dark assessing campus lighting, visibility of emergency phones and other safety issues.

Beverly S. Eschberger, Anderson School graduate student, said that some areas aren't particularly well lit, but overall she feels safe on campus. "I have class from 5:30 to 8 p.m., so I'm here late two nights a week," she said. "I feel safe on campus—I can't think of a time when I haven't."

The walk identified four dark areas that needed additional lighting and an additional 120 work orders were submitted by Safety and Risk Services to the Physical Plant Department for other light repairs throughout campus.

The number of work orders dropped because many of the repairs were made after the February walk. "The campus is in better shape than it was last year and this time with fewer burned out lights reported," Grandon Goertz, safety specialist in the Safety & Risk Services Department, said.

Goertz, who walks the campus weekly as part of his job, says that he picks a different part of campus each week and looks for hazards. "We are looking around campus searching for safety hazards, lighting—things that could be dangerous to students staff and visitors."

The walk was a cross-campus effort in conjunction with Safety and Risk Services, Physical Plant, Student Activities, Residence Life and Student Housing, Associated Students of the University of New Mexico, Campus Police and Parking and Transportation Services.

The Dean of Students Office plans to host walks twice per year during the spring and fall semesters. They have also produced a safety video and bookmark to be distributed throughout campus. For more information on the safety initiatives on campus, visit Safety and Risk Services or 505-277-9790 or the Dean of Students Office or call 505-277-6448.

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