The Center for English Language and American Culture is looking for people interested in becoming conversation partners with UNM international students. The students come from many different countries—Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and places in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East—and represent a linguistic smorgasbord.

The conversation partner get-togethers are informal – not tutoring sessions – and can take place once or twice a week for an hour, or however long the partners decide, at a location of their choosing. Partners arrange meeting times and place and should commit to meeting for the remainder of the semester.

CELAC instructor Linka Crosby said, "Conversation exchange allows people to learn not only about a language, but also about a culture without having to read it in books or seeing it on T.V. It is a live reality of the world around us. "  

For those with interest or questions, e-mail Linka Crosby at, and include preference for a particular language or country of origin. For those with no specific preference, CELAC can match students looking for a partner.

CELAC, UNM's intensive English as a Second Language program, is located in Mesa Vista Hall, 277-4032.

Media Contact: Carolyn Gonzales, (505) 277-5920; e-mail: