Chalk artist Chris Carlson makes a stop at the University of New Mexico to showcase another of his brilliant chalk art masterpieces. Commissioned by the UNM Student Activities Center, Carlson will create a beautiful chalk art piece near the Alumni clock at the southern edge of the Duck Pond beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 23, and concluding on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 5 p.m.

The space will be roped off but spectators will be able to walk around and view the work.

Carlson’s medium is 3-D chalk art, and he is making just one piece in this beautiful, but temporary art form. The striking 3-D illusions he creates encourage audiences to interact directly with the art, often posing for pictures and video with the scenes.

"With my artwork, I try to playfully interact with the viewer. I try to import characters or scenes from other worlds and place them seamlessly within our own," Carlson said. "Most importantly, I try to create a convincing illusion of depth and 3 dimensions in my artwork."

Carlson is the owner of 3-D Designs, specializing in the creation of 3-dimensional works of art. His preferred mediums are paint, pastel chalk and graphite, while his clients represent a broad range of industries and communities. His striking 3-D illusions encourage audiences to interact with company and organizational brands, often posing for pictures with the art.

Carlson also produces time lapse videos of himself creating 3-D art in his studio. These videos have enormous viral potential and have been seen on the screens of millions of internet users.

For more, visit: Chris Carlson Art.