New Mexico is a rising star of the film world, with recent Golden Globe and Oscar winners and, according to yesterday's State of the State address, more than 130 major movie and television productions in the past 8 years. Now, Albuquerque leaves Los Angeles and New York City in the dust, topping MovieMaker's "10 Best Cities To Live, Work & Make Movies in 2010."

UNM's Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program helps New Mexicans tap into the creative and professional opportunities of the growing film industry. The holistic program connects students in business, theater, cinematic arts, communication & journalism, computer engineering and computer science, balancing professional specialization with a broad knowledge of the industry. That expansive approach is the unique to UNM's program, giving students an edge in a world where the ability to multi-task is increasingly prized.

And for those (like me) who aren't in the industry, getting to see a movie filmed on campus ("Gamer") or next door to home ("Breaking Bad") is pretty neat, too.