Six students were honored recently with UNM’s Clauve Award for outstanding seniors. They include: Frankie Gonzales, Homer Hubbell, Leah Lucero, Jillian Martinez, Brandon Meyers and Sydney Sivils.

The Clauve Awards are given in honor of Lena C. Clauve, the university’s first dean of women. Her incredible dedication to the school and the state, during her career and after, lead to the creation of the service and achievement award given in her name - the Clauve Award.

The award is given for outstanding achievements in the areas of leadership, academics and Involvement. To qualify students must be nominated by staff or faculty who have witnessed the dedication of these exceptional students.

Frankie Gonzales
Gonzales graduates in December with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Management with a minor in Economics. An Eagle Scout, the boy scout motto’s of preparedness and community service have been demonstrated throughout his student career. He challenged himself repeatedly and was never afraid to leave his comfort zone and try something new. This summer Gonzales will be traveling to Africa to assist with a project helping widows. Next fall he will be on exchange in France before graduating in December 2014. From Manzano High School, his parents are Larry and Elaine Gonzales.

Homer Hubbell
Hubbell will graduate in December with a major in Psychology and a minor in English. A Charter Member of the green team, and one of only 50 recipients nationally to receive the Udall award, Hubbell is heavily focused on environmental issues. He plans to continue his education by pursing a law degree with an emphasis on American Indian law and a master’s degree in Clinical/Research Psychology as it applies to alcohol abuse and drug addiction among Native American communities. He graduated from Window Rock High School, Fort Defiance, Ariz. He is the son of Richard and Mary Hubbell.

Leah Lucero
Lucero will graduate in May with majors in Chemistry and Spanish and a minor in Health, Medicine and Human Values. She plans to enter the UNM School of Medicine upon graduation. Lucero came to UNM as a BA/MD student, but has achieved more than that. Taking on major leadership roles within the BA/MD student organization she expanded the opportunities for involvement for all members. One of her nominators writes “Her leadership showed her peers how to collaborate and support others, to take risks for the better good and the importance of community while having an open world view.” She graduated from Roberson High School in Las Vegas, N.M.. She is the child of Dennis and Annette Lucero.

Jillian Martinez
Martinez will graduate in May with a major in Community Health. She has served and leads in many arenas at UNM. From Mortar Board to Greek Life, Trailblazers and ASUNM, Martinez has left her mark. She has maintained an off- campus job and an outstanding GPA. Martinez has a unique distinction within ASUNM having been the first student to have served in two separate ASUNM Executive Director positions and to have also served as an ASUNM Senator.

“Despite all of her unbelievable achievements, Jillian’s greatest gift is her heart. She has spent many hours making the communities she is a part of a better place. She has always been supportive of her fellow students and consistently found constructive solutions when there were conflicts between fellow students” wrote one of her nominators.

Martinez graduated from the Santa Fe High School, the daughter of Gabriel and Laura Martinez. Martinez will be pursuing a career in Student Affairs administration after graduation.

Brandon Meyers
Meyers will graduate in May with majors in Environmental Science and Communication. He graduated from Del Norte High School, his parents are David Meyers and Jill Meyers.

As a high school senior applying for the Regent Scholarship, Meyers was asked why he was so involved in his high school. His answer was that the school had given so much to him so he just wanted to give back as much as he could. That practice has continued as a student at UNM.

One of his most memorable roles will be that of Santa Claus this year at Hanging of the Greens. And much like Santa, Meyers has given more than he receives.

Meyers will begin Law School in the fall of 2014.

Sydney Sivils
Sivils will graduate in May with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Operations Management. She is a member of a number of organizations and served in leadership roles in almost all of them. Her style of leadership can best be illustrated through her nominator’s quote “What her GPA cannot hope to reflect, is how Sivils interacts with others and demonstrates her leadership. I have observed interactions too numerous to count in which Sydney adopts a leadership role and follows through on commitments, while serving as a peer mentor and a resource for her fellow students.”

After graduation Sivils will be starting her career with Target Corporation in Scottsdale, Ariz. She graduated from Los Alamos High School. Her  parents are Loren Dale Sivils and Karen Sivils.