The UNM College of  Education (COE) features more than 40 researchers Wednesday, Nov. 12 for its Annual IFCE Research Showcase 2014, which highlights a variety of research focused on critical health, well-being, educational issues and more from the COE’s Department of Individual, Family and Community Education (IFCE). The showcase will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. in COE's Travelstead Hall.

The IFCE Research Showcase 2014 serves two main purposes: to raise the visibility of the research being done in the department; and to foster collaboration with and among departmental researchers. Many of the needs of New Mexico students are addressed through the diversity of the research in the College of Education. The faculty and students of the IFCE Department invite the campus community to learn more about its research.

Researchers have signed up to discuss a variety of research topics including: counselor intervention, student success skills, digital devices, LGBTQ,  healthcare, Native American education and parental role changes.

Other topics include: Suicide Risk Among Veterans with Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Assessment of Risk and Treatment Using Logotherapy; Lifestyle Preferences of UNM Students – Development of a Comprehensive Lifestyle Survey; Peer Victimization Of Children: Are We Missing The Mental Health Effects In Their Parents; and Influencing Flexibility in Mathematics Problem Solving: The role of self-efficacy and contextual richness.

The showcase is also a great opportunity for those interested in timely research findings and for other researchers across campus to find potential research partners.

For more information, visit: Department of Individual, Family and Community Education.