The House reconvenes at 10 a.m. tomorrow while the Senate reconvenes at 10:30 a.m.

Committee hearings on Jan. 31:

House Consumer and Public Affairs Rm 315 1:30p.m.
H122 Women's Right to Know Act
H177 Parental Notification Rights Act

House Health, Government and Indian Affairs Rm 309 8:30 a.m.
H17 Dental Therapist Licensure
HM17 Community Health Needs Assessment

House Labor Rm 305 1:30 p.m.
H139 Reduce Workers Comp for Drug Use
H167 Teacher Licensure Content Knowledge

Senate Public Affairs Rm 321 2 p.m.
S6 Anesthesiologist Definition
S213 Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs
S43 Require Health Services for Pregnant Women
S64 Health Professionals Credentialing Agency
S89 Public Property Naming Process
S140 NM Poison and Drug Information Center
S147 Education Technology Definition

Senate Public Affairs on Feb. 1:
S144 Health Practitioners Cost Sharing Rates
S148 Analysis of Basic Health Program Costs

House Labor on Feb. 5:
H216 Fair Pay for Women Act
H251 State Agency Employment Contracts Buy-outs
H261 Worker's Comp Impairment Definitions
H188 Contractor Agreements with Labor Organizations

Bills of Interest Introduced on Jan. 30:
H341 No Tobacco Settlement Fund as Reserve Fund Rep Thomas Taylor
H342 Indian Education Act Goals Rep Sandra Jeff
H351 Employee Preference Act Rep Candy Spence Ezzell
HJR8 Board of Regents Nominating Committees Rep Jeff Steinborn
HJR9 Board of Regents Qualifications Rep Jeff Steinborn

S337 UNM Native American Student Interventions Sen Benny Shendo
S340 $10 Million Minimum for Design and Build Sen Stu Ingle
S341 Building and Remodel Contracts Thresholds Sen Stu Ingle
S342 Nurse Midwife Ultrasound Procedures Sen Howie Morales

Susan McKinsey, Office of Government and Community Relations