The University of New Mexico’s Campus of Substance Abuse Program (COSAP) hosts Lobo Ladies Night Thursday, Nov. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the SUB Ballroom. This fun and educational event, presented by COSAP's DOLLS (Diary of a Lady Lobo) program, features a night filled with food, prizes, henna, massages, hair chalking and styling, yoga, music and more. The event is open to all students.

COSAP created the DOLLS (Diary of a Lady Lobo) program last spring to provide information about women and alcohol use. The idea was to provide Lady Lobos with the knowledge and the confidence they need to make safe and smart choices about whether or not to drink and how to do so.

In general, women are biologically and socially affected by alcohol differently than are males. Thirty-three percent of college-aged women binge drink, while 90 percent of sexual assaults are alcohol-related.It was launched last spring with an event titled, “Honesty is a Testimony.”

“This event is designed to raise additional awareness for the DOLLS program,” said Tiffany Martinez, COSAP health educator. "The idea behind the event is to provide women with a way to educate themselves about alcohol and to give them alternative ways to have fun and relax that doesn’t involve drinking.

“Lowering the rate of binge drinking in college-aged women is important because it creates awareness, decrease drinking and driving rate, keeping academics as a priority, and nutrition and staying healthy. We’re trying to empower women to be the best they can be.”

National research suggests that women are significantly more vulnerable to alcohol than men and in the development of alcohol-related health concerns.

A few quick facts related to the effects of alcohol on women compared to men include: women tend to weigh less than men increasing BAC; women’s body weight is higher in percentage of body fat than men’s bodies; women’s bodies metabolize alcohol more slowly; women are more likely to drink mix drinks; women’s monthly hormonal changes affect blood alcohol concentration; and women can become addicted to alcohol more quickly than men.

All students are invited to attend DOLLS: Diary of a Lady Lobo to learn more facts about alcohol abuse in women while enjoying fun activities. Sponsors include COSAP, Student Health & Counseling (SHAC), Women’s Resource Center (WRC) and UNM’s LGBTQ Resource Center.

For more information, visit: DOLLS: Diary of a Lady Lobo.