The University of New Mexico College of University Libraries and Learning Services (CULLS) has partnered with the Open Education Network (OEN) to offer an open textbook review workshop for faculty at UNM main campus. The first Open Textbook Review Program Workshop will take place virtually 2:30- 4 p.m., Friday, April 7.

OEN is a community of educational institutions and consortia working to make education more equitable, affordable and inclusive. UNM is a proud member of OEN and welcomes facilitator Meggie Mapes who will lead the informative and dynamic workshop. Mapes is a faculty member and introductory course director in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas. Her workshop is designed to introduce faculty to the benefits open textbooks can bring to student learning, faculty pedagogical practice and social justice on campuses. OEN workshops have resulted in a 45% adoption rate by participating faculty. 

Faculty attendees from UNM main campus are eligible to receive a $200 stipend for attending the workshop and writing a review of a textbook in the Open Textbook Library. 

Those interested can register for the workshop through the OEN event page where they will receive the zoom link for the event. 

The Open Educational Resources Initiative led by CULLS seeks to provide UNM faculty and instructors with the support they need to adopt low and no-cost textbooks and class material solutions for their courses when it aligns with their instructional objectives and academic freedom. Learn more about the initiative at