For the third time, the UNM online version of the popular summer class, “Traditional Medicine without Borders: Curandersimo in the Southwest and Mexico,” will once again be offered for the 2015 spring semester. 

The online course, taught by professor Eliseo Torres, features video segments with demonstrations by curanderos/as from Mexico and the Albuquerque-area. Some of the topics covered include: medicinal plants of the Southwest, ventosas, juice therapy, laugh therapy, acupuncture and much more. 

This full semester course will focus on Mexican Traditional healing and will consist of PowerPoint presentations and video lectures in addition to readings from books on the subject. The course will expose students to the rituals, plants, and remedies that curanderos/as use to help people heal themselves from a variety of ailments. 

For more information on this course, visit traditional medicine online class or call (505) 277-0952.