At UNM, safety is a top priority and the University asks everyone to take an active role by making good personal decisions and to know where to get help if needed.
As a reminder, UNM prohibits alcohol and other drug use on the main and south campuses including all residential areas. Lobo Village, which is owned by American Campus Communities, does allow students over the age of 21 to consume alcohol in their individual rooms only.  However, in response to recent alcohol related issues, UNM has reviewed its approach and continues to institute firmer policies, faster reporting, and stricter UNM enforcement of disciplinary procedures. UNM is also working across campus to implement better management approaches and are confident the student environment is safe.
Students who are found responsible for violating the UNM Student Code of Conduct can be given sanctions that range from a warning to being expelled from the University of New Mexico.  The sanction depends on the severity of the incident, the impact it had on the UNM Community or an individual and if the student has any prior violations of UNM Policies.
Additionally, the UNM Dean of Students Office can adjudicate non-UNM students who are involved in incidents through the UNM Visitor Code of Conduct.  Visitors who are found responsible for violating UNM Policies are typically either banned from the area they have caused problems in or banned from the entire campus.
If your student is the victim of an incident or witnesses individuals violating policy or practicing unsafe behaviors, they can report these behaviors to the UNM Dean of Students Office at 505-277-3361 or to UNM Campus Police at 505-277-2241.
UNM invites you to view a 15-minute video called “Campus Safety 101”, which addresses several campus safety issues from a criminal's perspective to show how easily they can become victims to campus crime. You and your student will also find resources and information about safety at UNM at Campus Safety.
Even though your son or daughter no longer lives at home, we know that students listen to advice and direction from their parents. You still play a big part in their security, safety and success, and we thank you for your continued support.
If you have questions regarding campus safety or other safety issues, please contact us at the Dean of Students office.