Paint, creativity, the cosmos and how they all fit together are the focus of an upcoming event with artist and physicist Paul Biagi.

A virtual art event called “Deep Reality: Art, Physics, the Unseeable and Space-Time” takes place on Oct. 30 and is co-sponsored by SciArt Santa Fe and the UNM College of Fine Arts.

During this free webinar, Biagi will discuss how he uses a variety of methods for applying paint in the desire to develop surfaces that act as visual metaphors for the processes of contemporary physics, including quantum physics. By building up transparent layers of acrylic glazes he hints at a world of waves and vibrations that lie beneath this reality. Besides the brush, he uses many different ways of applying the paint: pouring, troweling and spraying.

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At 12 p.m., the painter, dancer and author will share his perspectives on consciousness, and the experience of a cosmos where all occurs simultaneously and is intimately entangled.

As Biagi said, “The waves of the possible crash on the shores of the now.”

Biagi began studying drawing, painting, and dancing when he was a graduate student in physics in the late 1960s. After completing his doctorate at the University of Colorado, he taught college-level Math and Physics.

He pursued his interest in art while teaching for over forty-five years and took early retirement to paint and draw while continuing his studies at The Santa Fe Community College. He then went on to complete a Post Baccalaureate program at The Maryland Institute College of Art.

Biagi has been represented by both Vivo Contemporary and Reflection galleries.