UNM Facilities Management (FM) has scheduled a Duck Pond cleaning the week of March 13. The surrounding areas surrounding the Duck Pond will be closed and fenced off. 

Project Details
A waist-high fence will be installed around the cleaning area on March 9. The Duck Pond, bridge, and the surrounding grassy areas will be completely closed during the cleaning process.

Duck Pond Cleaning

The fish and turtles will first be carefully removed and relocated to a temporary holding pond where they will be closely monitored. After the animals are relocated, contractors will drain the pond and use the nutrient-rich pond water to irrigate the surrounding landscape. FM staff will then work with the contractors to remove any debris from the bottom of the pond. Finally, the pond will be filled with fresh water and the animals will be returned to their home.

Animal Care & Safety
The animals of the Duck Pond are important and will be handled with extreme care. While the fish and turtles will be relocated to a holding pond, the ducks take care of themselves. The ducks are wild, and it is important to leave them alone as much as possible. When the pond is drained, the ducks will fly away to find water elsewhere. They will find their way back when they are ready. The fish and turtles will be returned after the pond is clean and refilled.

Walking Path Impacts
During the draining of the pond, water may reach the walking paths, causing them to become slippery. Please use caution when walking around the Duck Pond during this time as there may be wet/slippery sidewalks.

Duck Pond Clean 23