There are many choices and factors to consider when thinking about a weight management program. The best, most comprehensive programs are based on researched nutrition principles, incorporate fitness and include behavior changes.

Lifesteps focuses on changing behaviors that prevent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Participants are responsible for developing their own personal action plan in this program. This isn't a one-size-fits-all program, and there is no diet to follow. Your plan follows your life.

Lifesteps incorporates 16 weekly small group sessions of 45-60 minutes at pre-set times and locations for group discussion, problem solving, behavior change activities and topics on nutrition and physical activity. Groups consist of up to 18 people with a trained leader who is the change facilitator providing information, support and guidance.

Employee Health Promotion Program offers three Lifesteps programs this spring and summer. Participants choose and register for one of these programs:

  • Tuesday evenings, north campus, starting May 10

  • Wednesdays at noon, main campus, starting June 8

  • Thursdays at noon, UNM Business Center, starting July 14.

EHPP is holding orientation sessions for prospective participants to learn more about the Lifesteps program. At these sessions, participants may sign up for a one-on-one interview with the leader to assess readiness to change, willingness to do key activities such as recording daily food intake and participating in regular physical activity, current health status and weight loss history.

An orientation is scheduled on north campus Wednesday, April 20, at noon in the Health Sciences and Services Building, room 105. Prospective participants must attend an orientation session. Attending an orientation session does not obligate you to join the program. Additional orientation sessions will be schedule as needed. Check the Human Resources Web site at for dates and times.

For more information and to sign up for an orientation session, contact EHPP at (505) 272-4460 or

Story by Shelley Rael, Health Education Consultant, Employee Health Promotion Program