The UNM Division for Equity and Inclusion is conducting a survey to gather information to help create a more inclusive campus and improve the learning and working environment for everyone.

Inclusiveness and equity are critical aspects in any institution of higher education. They foster trust and allow students, faculty and staff to maximize their potential, hence the value in participating in the survey.

"The University of New Mexico is dedicated to fostering a university community that provides opportunities for our students, faculty and staff to learn from each other and for that learning to extend outward into constructive participation in a diverse and globalized world," Jozi De Leon, vice president for Equity and Inclusion, said. "We are proud to be serving faculty, staff and student populations that exemplify a richness in diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, nationality, ability/disability, veteran status, etc. UNM is committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone, expanding our opportunities for a constructive exchange of ideas and nurturing a culture of inclusion and respect throughout all of our campuses."

The survey is an opportunity to voice views, participate in creating a more inclusive campus environment, provide individual perspective and be a part of something important to the campus as a whole.

The survey launched Friday, April 12 and remains open until May 31. Survey information will arrive by email and other opportunities to participate will take place, as well. The survey takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete and it's possible to stop in the middle and return to finish. Prizes will be awarded, including iPad minis, iPod nanos, tuition and bookstore vouchers, and more.

Small-scale reporting of results takes place in the summer, with multiple information sessions scheduled during the fall semester.

"Based on the survey findings, there will be an incorporation of strategic initiatives and action items into the University's Diversity Plan," De Leon said.

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