Author James Fleming discusses and signs copies of his recent UNM Press title Tengo Sed, at the HSC Domenici Center West, located on UNM north campus, third floor, on Friday, Nov. 5 from 5-7 p.m.

Tengo Sed presents a series of inter-related narratives populated with colorful characters that reveal the complex, gritty reality of academic medicine. The novel's Spanish title reflects the Hispanic community in which it takes place and echoes the words of one dying man, "I'm thirsty."

In Tengo Sed, Fleming recounts a day in the life of a hapless, chain-smoking, middle-aged intern in emergency medicine who refers to himself as Hovercraft because of his tendency to hover around the other doctors and on the periphery of the work in the ER. Philosophical with a tendency toward mysticism, Hovercraft is doing his best to navigate the treacherous terrain of medical education and practice with an increasing sense of dread that his career may be doomed.

Fleming is assistant professor of emergency medicine at the UNM School of Medicine and an attending physician in the Emergency Department of the Veterans Administration hospital in Albuquerque.

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