The University of New Mexico Communication & Journalism Colloquium Series presents: Evaluating Video Journalism Techniques in the Age of Data, a research project by Associate Professor Richard J. Schaefer and student Natalia Jácquez on Wed., Dec. 3, 3 to 4 p.m. in C & J building, room 121.

Journalists have long struggled with how to communicate an abstract problem or societal trend to the public. Historically, they have relied on the old cliché “put a face on it” to illustrate the human dimensions of a social problem by depicting the plight of a single individual. But visually oriented journalists have developed several commonly used techniques for conveying complex social issues in news or public information video pieces.

In this talk, the researchers will engage in a preliminary discussion of techniques, invite the audience to participate as research subjects, and show clips from an ongoing research effort to evaluate commonly used video journalism techniques for addressing abstract issues.