On Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Ford Utilities Center, located at the intersection of Redondo and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard on the west side of Central Campus, will clean the steam piping that is required to connect UNM’s new six-MW Gas Turbine Electric Generators. The cleaning may extend into Wednesday, Nov. 20 if work is not completed on Tuesday.

The cleaning procedure creates 10 minutes of extreme noise that will be heard throughout campus and may disrupt classes in the surrounding area, followed by approximately two hours of quiet. Prior to each procedure, the contractor will blow an air horn to warn of the coming noise. During the noise generation, vehicular traffic will be restricted, and no one will be permitted into or out of the parking lot on the north side of Ford Utilities. Pedestrian traffic will not be permitted in the Ford Utilities parking lot during this activity.

Signs will be posted at the entrance to the parking area, caution tape will be displayed to restrict pedestrians where required and employees will be stationed to direct traffic (pedestrian and vehicular) during the time of extreme noise. 

Please be attentive to all warning signs and use caution when in the affected areas. The restrictions in place during this time are there as protective measures. Be aware that close proximity to the noise can create hearing loss.

We recognize the inconvenience this activity may cause and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

For questions or concerns, contact Leland Sanchez at (505) 277-1131 or 550-1761.