Four new full-time faculty members in communication, criminology and sociology have been hired to join the instructional ranks of UNM West in Rio Rancho, CEO Wynn Goering announced today. They begin their teaching duties in the fall 2014 semester, as part of the campus’s offerings of full programs of study in these disciplines.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with these appointments,” Goering said. “Their scholarship is impressive, and every one of them has already received accolades and awards for the caliber of their teaching.” 

The new faculty include:

* Laura Burton, communication. Burton’s recent research centers on the dynamics of communication in healthcare. She is already a resident of Rio Rancho.

* Cleophas Muneri, communication.  A native of Zimbabwe, Muneri’s area of scholarly expertise is the field of media and intercultural communication. 

* Colin Olson, criminology. Olson has done extensive work on issues of power and decision-making in communities.

* Ryan Goodman, sociology. Goodman’s areas of interest include social movements and political sociology.  He and Olson were both noted in the UNM Daily Lobo’s “Best Teacher on Campus” poll.

Burton, Muneri, Olson and Goodman will all hold the rank of lecturer in their respective UNM departments, and join current full-time UNM West faculty Clare Stott (Special Education) and Richard Lynn (Emergency Medical Services). 

“Clare and Rick already head programs that are integrally linked to the community and the region,” Goering said, “and we’re going to help our new faculty do the same with their curricula. Teachers like these are key to our goal of being the campus of choice for any student who wants the best education they can get.”