The Faculty/Staff Club is hosting two open house events for those interested in sand painting. On Friday, March 9 from 4 - 7 p.m., the FCSA hosts a sand painting demonstration by artist Shawn Nelson, whose work is currently on display at the club.

Additionally, on Friday, March 23 from 4 - 7 p.m., the FCSA will host a sand painting workshop where participants can learn the craft. Seating at the workshop is limited. Interested participants should email the club at by Tuesday, March 20 to register. Cost is $10/person.

Short History of Sand Painting
The art of sand painting is rooted in the ceremonial healing rituals of the Dine'h (Navajo) people. The individual in need of healing was placed in the center as chants were performed by the medicine man or woman and the art was created on a bed of smoothed sand. The sand painter at the ceremony used pigments such as gypsum (white), yellow ochre, red sandstone, charcoal, and a mixture of charcoal and turquoise (blue), along with pollen, cornmeal, and crushed flower petals mixed with the sand in order to achieve a greater variety of colors.