Update: We have an updated response to Joe's post about us here.

Local blogger Joe Monahan fancies himself "New Mexico's Leading Political Blogger," or something.  And his posts tend to hit more than they miss, unless they are dealing with UNM.  I don't want to say that a simple fact check of Monahan is in order, but Joe, it might have been better if you'd tried fact checking before clicking on "send."

According to Monahan:
And what about that $10,000 a month freelance PR contract the UNM prexy signed? Can that still be going on?

Actually Joe, it's not still going on.  It hasn't been going on for a while.  The gentleman in question, public relations consultant Mike Collins, hasn't been on contract with UNM since June 30. Collins was brought to UNM shortly after President Schmidly was hired in 2007, and did provide some strategic PR counseling and a connection with members of the media on the east coast, since his company was based out of Washington, D.C.

But to answer your question Joe. "No" it's not still going on.

- Benson