The International Task Force Meeting and luncheon is set for Tuesday, March 22, from noon - 1:30 p.m. in Scholes Hall Roberts Room.

Guest speakers are: Matías Fontenla, associate professor, economics; Susi Knoblauch, UNM study abroad advisor; and Russian Fulbright Scholar Ekaterina Dmitrievna Sushchevskaya.

Matías Fontenla will discuss his experience and future plans leading UNM students to Nicaragua, to study Sustainable Development. His course takes a hands-on approach to understand failed development, poverty and the deep social inequalities that affect our world and most importantly, on solutions to these social problems. The class visits - and works along in - coffee coops, microfinance organizations, urban slums, housing projects and meets with community organizers. They also travel to the often forgotten Atlantic coast, where they have the chance to compare Nicaragua's dominant mestizo culture with the country's Caribbean English speaking Afro and native populations.

RSVP to Kathryn Padilla by Monday, March 21 at 5 p.m.