Many UNM-Gallup students graduate and go on to realize even greater accomplishments. Recently, Paula Watt had the opportunity to celebrate some of these special achievements with two former students, April Longhair and Crystal Tulley, who also did undergraduate research with her during their time at UNM-G.

Longhair recently completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences with a minor in chemistry. Watt attended her graduation. All BS graduates must complete a minimum one year of college chemistry, physics, and calculus, along with all their geology classes. “April did it all while being a single mom and working part time at a position I helped line up for her at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In June, she will start working for them full time,” Watt said.

Tulley also attended Longhair’s graduation, providing a great reunion for the two students and their former professor. Tulley is currently attending the University of Utah where she is pursuing a PhD in geoscience.

Watt said, “April and Crystal are two UNM-Gallup alumni with wonderful success stories. They have shown a strong commitment to education. I am so proud of what they have both accomplished and that they helped and supported each other along the way.”