The University of New Mexico's Diversity Leadership Council and the Mentoring Institute host the 23rd Annual Diversity Leadership Forum, "Diversity: A Key to Deeper Happiness" with keynote speaker David Kuenzli, Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union building. The registration fee is $110, and includes the entire session, parking and transportation, lunch and snacks.

Following the forum, Wednesday-Friday, Oct. 24-25, the Mentoring Institute hosts a conference on "Facilitating Developmental Relationships for Success" with speaker Belle Rose Ragins. The registration fee is $350, pre-conference workshops, $250, both purchasable at the Mentoring Institute.

The forum, which includes workshops, facilitates constructive dialogue regarding diversity and its importance to the happiness and overall satisfaction of a society, and serves as a platform to inspire broader thinking about diversity.

The conference enables professionals from a multitude of disciplines to share insights that contribute to the future of mentoring.

Kuenzli is co-founder and director of the Center for Loving Relationships in Albuquerque. He holds degrees in psychology and social work and has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years.

Ragins teaches, consults and conducts research on diversity, mentoring and genders issues. She has written more than 100 papers for presentations at national and international conferences and for publication in leading academic journals.

For more information, visit Mentoring Institute or contact Yvonne Gandert at (505) 277-1330,