World Voice Day, Friday, April 15, is an international celebration to encourage people of all ages to assess their vocal health. The theme for World Voice Day 2011 is We Share a Voice, which brings to mind the many ways the human voice links us. UNM Speech and Hearing Science will offer voice screenings in the Student Union Building Alumni room from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. In addition to vocal screenings, they will model vocal warm-ups and provide chair massages.

Phyllis Palmer, assistant professor, Speech and Hearing Science, said, "The voice we share is what we celebrate this World Voice Day. Indeed, the voice is at the core of what connects and defines human beings."

Even an age of texting, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, the spoken word remains the primary mode of communication worldwide for most people; true communication and not just dissemination of information or media.

"Even an individual who frequently uses e-communication will have had the experience of needing the spoken word to clarify a point or resolve a conflict that developed over a misinterpreted text, e-mail or posting. The mutual understanding that comes through the human voice cannot be duplicated," Palmer said.

Read about a voice screening from last year's event.

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