The Office of the President and UNM Staff Council announced recipients of the 2010 Gerald W. May Staff Recognition Award: Marvin Gurule, Marion McGranahan and Candyce Torres. They will be recognized at an awards ceremony and reception on Thursday, Dec. 9, 3-4:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building, ballroom C.

"Everyone is invited, so please attend and show your support for the winners," said Kathy McKinstry, chair of the Staff Council rewards and recognition committee.

The awardees demonstrate how the little things go a long way toward creating a positive campus environment. Each receives a plaque and $1,000.

"It's amazing to read about all the dedicated, hard-working staff we have on this campus," McKinstry said. "We received 37 nominations for this award. During difficult economic times, our staff still prove that they make a difference every day at UNM."

Marvin Gurule
Gurule is a shipping/receiving clerk for University Services Shipping and Receiving.

Supervisor Gordon Anderson described Gurule as "one of the hardest working, intuitive, intelligent… modest and quiet" staff he's worked with since joining UNM in 1979.

"When researchers are waiting for supplies to continue their research … having dependable Marvin delivering means everything – it means experiments can be performed, data can be collected, papers can be published, grants can be submitted," said nominator Dolores Tarin, department administrator, Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.

"At one time S&R would only deliver supplies ordered by our research labs to our office… Our department is spread out through five buildings at the School of Medicine. Since Marvin started delivering our supplies, he delivers them directly to the lab they were ordered from. This saves us so much time and effort," Tarin said.

"He never complains," Anderson said. "It's just a pleasure to work with someone like that."

Marion McGranahan
McGranahan is a bus driver for Parking and Transportation Services.

She "is always ready to boost our spirits with humor, care and support," said nominator Inigo San Gil, senior applications support analyst, Department of Biology. "Even though she recently lost her father and mother, she still has a smile to boost everybody whose UNM day begins at the shuttle."

"Marion represents to me what the UNM staff spirit should be: excel in the job, regardless of the conditions," San Gil said.

"It's fantastic that Marion is receiving such a prestigious award," said Alexander Aller, manager, public transport operations.

Candyce Torres
Torres is administrative assistant for the Department of Civil Engineering.

She joined the department as a freshman student employee. Soon after Torres graduated, the department was in desperate need of experienced staff. "I contacted UNM Temp Services, and by what I call a miracle they sent me Candyce," said nominator Yolanda Sanchez, department administrator, Department of Civil Engineering.

When Sanchez had to take four months of sick leave, Torres stepped up to fill her place. "She had to hire a student for the front office and several students for research projects, help train our new accountant and learn to prepare faculty contracts, post doc contracts, faculty workload reports, and anything else that fell into her lap," Sanchez said. "Expecting to come back to mounds of problems, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Candyce had kept things going and it was as if I had never left."