The UNM Harwood Museum of Art in Taos presents an interactive talk on the history and tradition of labyrinths, with an opportunity to create a labyrinth with artist Sandra Wasko-Flood. "Introduction to Labyrinths" is scheduled on Thursday, July 29 at 7 p.m. Admission is $6 for Harwood Museum Alliance members, $8 nonmembers.

Wasko-Flood is founder and president of Living Labyrinths for Peace and a member of the Labyrinth Society. She has organized labyrinth projects in schools, churches, hospitals, museums and parks in Washington D.C. and this summer at sites around Taos. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the globe.

A part-time resident of Angel Fire, Wasko-Flood promotes labyrinth projects to encourage peace within and without. "These projects become symbols of life's journey, providing participants with an environment incorporating art, science, technology, nature and an opportunity to explore self. Labyrinths are mysterious – they encourage a focusing of thought and a relaxing state which is liberating," she said.

For "Introduction to the Labyrinth," she will discuss the history and methodology of the labyrinth and then lead the group in an interactive, mixed-media labyrinth project in the Harwood Museum's gallery.

Curator of Education Lucy Perera said, "The labyrinth as a form with roots that go back in the history of art prior to the Christian era – coins from Knossos, seals from Minoan sites and Egyptian hieroglyphs all contain images of the labyrinthine pattern. The Native Americans incorporated its design in their baskets, ceramics and beadwork. The minotaur and the labyrinth is of course a famous myth we learn about in school, and for those of us who formally studied art history, the labyrinth figures prominently in the Middle Ages and Renaissance in churches, most famously Chartres Cathedral in France and San Vitale in Italy."

On Friday, June 30, 5-6:30 p.m., at the Harwood's Sidney and Gladys Smith Children's Art Gallery, Wasko-Flood and participants in the Harwood's weeklong children's workshop, "Art of the Sacred," will have an opening reception for a colorful labyrinth created by students under the artist's guidance. Some of Wasko-Flood's light boxes and prints will also be on view through the end of August.

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