SOLAS, Students of Latin American Studies, presents a brown bag lecture on Wednesday, April 25 at noon at the Latin American and Iberian Institute Library. The lecturer, Michael Woods, a UNM doctoral candidate in Hispanic linguistics, presents, "Honduran Spanish & Migration: An initial look at Santa Lucía, Intibucá and avenues for future research".

Woods discusses the sociodemographic profile in conjuncture with historical and contemporary patterns of immigration. It is in this context that this community exemplifies a distinctive research site for linguistic inquiry.

Previous research on Honduran Spanish is limited and reflects a few selected linguistic features (e.g. voseo, lexical items, /s/) and uses found in primarily urban areas. Even more scarce is research looking at Honduran Spanish in the United States. Using sociolinguistic interviews coupled with ethnographic observations, the Honduran experience is examined regarding testimonies of migration and reflections on linguistic accommodation in the U.S. as well as with respect to experiences of returning to Honduras. To expand the understanding of Honduran Spanish, Woods present previous research as well as preliminary data from his recent fieldwork experiences in rural Honduras. Implications for future research on Honduran Spanish and potential effects of return migration on language and identity are also explored.

Light refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public.