UNM's Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program recently opened its new facility at the Aperture Center in Mesa del Sol. The IFDM facility provides space to develop and showcase student and faculty work and to foster partnerships with industry leaders.

Computer Science Assistant Professor Joe Kniss demonstrated an immersive, interactive game platform he developed with students. A player tilts the platform to control movement on the screen.

A mock film shoot set-up was among demonstrations at IFDM's open house.

Another room showcased Native American digital video art.

IFDM students created an avatar of Governor Bill Richardson to thank him for supporting the program. The avatar is shown at a virtual UNM campus developed by IFDM Director Nick Flor and students.

The IFDM facility is across the street from Albuquerque Studios, home to Emmy Award-winning television series "Breaking Bad" and some of the largest stages in the world.