As part of its commitment to improving services, Information Technologies (IT) has announced several changes that will be made over the summer to benefit students faculty, and staff. Service streamlining is also taking place in response to reduced funding and staffing.

Laptop Computing Services
By Aug. 22, additional wireless access points, power outlets, printers and printing services will be available in more highly-used, common locations on campus such as the SUB, Mitchell Hall, Dane Smith Hall and the Libraries. IT is working with building owners to implement these upgrades requested by students. Students will also be able to print from their laptops when they authenticate with the NetIDs. These initiatives are also funded by student fees. Visit Student Initiatives for more information.

IT Computer Lab & Classroom Upgrades
The IT Labs are used by 30,000 individual students a semester and provide over 600 PCs and Macs. This summer, Windows 7 will be implemented in all pods. Current Pod information is available at IT Pods. Information on all computers available to students can be found at, IT Computing.

Matlab UNM Academic and Student Site License
The IT Department is underwriting more licenses for Matlab software. This software will be available on every academic computing device in IT Pods and Labs, and available to academic departments as well as to students on their personal machines. All this thanks to 2010-2011 student fees.

No Cost Anti-Virus Software
UNM IT has renewed the University-wide license for anti-virus software that is available at no cost to all UNM students, faculty and staff. Anti-virus software can be put on both UNM and home-use computers. UNM community members can authenticate and download the latest version of this software at IT Downloads,

CNM/UNM Electronic Transcript Transfer
As of June 1, transcripts can be transferred electronically between UNM and CNM, facilitating enrollment and credit exchange.

Touchnet Expansion
Payment management and cashiering is being offered to students through Touchnet, as well as improved access from mobile devices. This will be live by July 1, 2011.

Dorm Wired Network Packet Shaping
UNM gets 10-15 copyright complaints per month, potentially costing students a minimum of $3,500 per violation. Following best practices to protect students from illegally sharing downloaded files and from the negative legal consequences of copyright violations, Student Life is implementing network traffic shaping in the Fall 2011, in order to deter illegal downloads. Contact Student Life with any questions Housing.

Faculty IT
Software in IT Computer Classroom & Labs

Faculty can request academic software be loaded in centrally-scheduled IT Computer classrooms and labs (Pods). Visit IT Pods or call the IT Service Desk at 277-5757 for detailed information on the process. Requests received before July 4 will be installed by Aug. 22. Requests sent later will be accommodated on a best-effort basis.

Grant Flex Effort Certification in Banner
As of early August 2011, work against grants will be able to be reviewed and certified online in Banner Self-Service. This will be available through MyUNM.

General IT Services
Groupwise Calendar and E-Mail Sync GroupWise users on all mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Droid, will be able to sync with GroupWise as of the beginning of Summer.

Lobomobile Phase II
Look for more smart-phone apps through Lobomobile such as IT Computer Lab seat availability, a self-guided UNM campus tour, LoboCa$h Perks and Benefits.

Building Network Switch Upgrades IT is in phase III of upgrading building switches. These upgrades improve network performance inside UNM buildings and provide additional functionality to improve resilience. When this phase is completed, almost 50 percent of campus buildings will have been upgraded. This refresh project will continue through 2012.

Need a Network?
IT can establish separate networks to serve specific research, grant or business strategies, including IP v. 6 and unfiltered networks. Contact Gary Bauerschmidt at who is establishing this new service.

Need a Server?
If you don't have $8K for a new server, IT can host a virtual server for your research or department, as well as co-locate your physical server in the environmentally-controlled and secure data center environment. Check out this service at, IT Service Catalog.

Need Storage?
Departments and researchers needing secure, backed-up storage can rent disk space in the quantities needed. Look for "Storage & Backups for Data" under Professional Services at, Information Technologies.

Web Content Management
The Web Content Management System is providing easy-to-maintain web pages for departments. Training and adoption are free. Visit UNM webmaster for more information.

Web Searching IT and University Libraries are teaming up to improve the search capabilities on the thousands of UNM web pages. Find what you're looking for at UNM faster after Aug. 1, 2011

Service Level Streamlining to Contain Costs
IT services for students and faculty continue to our priority although, since 2008, IT staff have been reduced by 25 FTE and the budget has been cut significantly. Following are some of the service adjustments IT is making.

Support Center and Student Computer Lab & Classroom Hours
Service desk and lab hours are managed according to usage. Hours have been reduced on weekends and evenings during low usage periods. Current hours are published at IT Support.

Tech Support for Student Computers
IT helps students trouble-shoot connectivity and image issues with student-owned computers. This support is at no-cost to students and is limited to one hour. If we can't help you in that time frame, we ask you to go to another service provider. Look for hands-on computer rebuild and reconfigure classes next fall.

Response Time for Service Requests
IT Staff reductions impact the response and turn-around time for requests for IT services such as those listed below. Security incidents and service outages take priority over routine service requests or projects.

• Network port activations
• Firewall modifications
• Fire inspections
• Application development

For more information or questions regarding any of these services, the IT Service Desk can answer or refer your questions at, (505) 277-5757.

Media contact: Vanessa Baca, 277-0987; e-mail: