An internal UNM search committee has been tasked with identifying candidates for interim Provost of the University of New Mexico. With the announced departure of Suzanne Ortega this summer, it is anticipated the new interim provost will take office on July 1, 2011 for a term of approximately two years.

"The next two years will be a crucial period in UNM's trajectory as the flagship research university serving New Mexico," said Committee Chair Rich Wood, Sociology, president of the UNM Faculty Senate. "Finding the right interim provost to lead the academic mission in this period will be critical to all our futures."

Joining Wood on the committee are deans Martha Bedard, University Libraries, and Kevin Washburne, School of Law, along with department chairs Stephanie Forrest, Computer Science; Patricia Boverie, Educational Leadership Organizational Learning; and Robert Berrens, Economics. Faculty members on the committee include Mike Dougher, Psychology; Jane Slaughter, History; Beverly Singer, Anthropology; Sam Loker, Biology; Joyce Szabo, Art and Art History; Gabriel Sanchez, Political Science; Yemane Asmerom, Earth and Planetary Sciences; and Edl Schamiloglu, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Andrew Cullen, associate vice president for Planning, Budget and Analysis, and Terry Babbitt, associate vice president for Enrollment Management, will represent the administration. Representing staff and students are Mary Clark, president-elect, Staff Council; Katie Richardson, GPSA; and Caroline Muraida, ASUNM.

The committee is operating on an accelerated timeline. For best consideration, applications must be submitted through UNMJobs by April 20, 2011. Confidential inquiries, nominations and requests for a position description should be directed to search coordinator Kevin Stevenson at 505-363-6176,, with copies to search chair Rich Wood,

The link to the UNMJobs posting will be sent out shortly on the All-Fac listserv.