Jake Wellman, a graduate of the University of New Mexico, was awarded the Marshall Scholarship for graduate study at the London School of Economics. Wellman graduated from UNM in May 2013 with degrees in political science and economics and is currently working as a policy analyst for the Administration for Children and Families as a Truman-Albright Fellow in Washington, DC.

Competition for the Marshall Scholarship is extremely rigorous. The scholarships finance up to 40 Americans of high ability to study at a British university of their choice, in any academic program that confers a degree. Wellman will study Environmental Economics and Climate Change and International Political Economy at the London School of Economics this fall.

"I am excited to apply the lessons I've learned, both in and out of the classroom at UNM, to studying one of the world's most pressing problems at the London School of Economics," Wellman said. "I can tell you that I'll miss green chile and Lobo basketball, but hopefully there are ways to get both in the UK."

Wellman went on to say how thankful he is for his family, and the Lobo family, including professors, advisers, friends and mentors who continually gave him support and encouragement.

Wellman was a member of the UNM Board of Regents and president’s strategic advisory team, and is a recipient of the UNM Regents’ Scholarship, Harry S. Truman scholarship and the President’s Call to Service Award (G. W. Bush). He is an Eagle Scout and Phi Kappa Phi, and completed both political science honors and university honors programs.