Following a rigorous national search, Kevin Stevenson has been named to the position of UNM Vice President for Human Resources by Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Teresa Costantinidis. Stevenson has served as a co-assistant vice president for Human Resources since September 2021, following the departure of Vice President Dorothy Anderson.

Kevin Stevenson
Kevin Stevenson named vice president for Human Resources at UNM.

"We are thrilled to appoint Kevin Stevenson to the position of Vice President for Human Resources,” said Costantinidis. “With his extensive UNM experience and deep understanding of our academic landscape, Kevin has a proven track record in leading institutional improvement. He will continue to play a pivotal role in promoting a people-centric culture because he is so dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that allows our people to achieve their full potential.”

Stevenson has served The University of New Mexico for 18 years, starting as a special assistant to the President in 2005 while still a graduate assistant. Since that time, he has served in various increasingly significant roles, including founding associate director for Finance & Development at the Center for Education Policy Research, where he coordinated policy research projects on P20 pipeline issues within the state, and executive director of Human Resources for the Division of Human Resources, HR Finance, IT, and Business Services. It was in this role where Stevenson notably provided strategic support and leadership for UNM’s COVID-19 response team, including the development of policies and protocols to support employees and departments throughout the pandemic.

Since September 2021, Stevenson has served as an assistant vice president for the Division of Human Resources, where he has continued to coordinate UNM’s COVID-19 response, led the implementation of the HelioCampus academic benchmarking platform, and championed improvements to UNM’s group health insurance benefits. He also partnered with UNM Health and Health Sciences leadership to facilitate a series of collaborative reorganizations and consolidations in areas such as IT and Communications and Marketing.

As Vice President for Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer, Stevenson will manage the various component activities of UNM’s Human Resources Department, ensuring that all HR programs and initiatives are integrated and effective in supporting the mission, goals, and objectives of the institution. “Looking ahead, as Kevin champions our commitment to enhancing employee engagement, he will clearly contribute to our UNM 2040 strategies for realizing human potential and advancing New Mexico,” added Costantinidis.

Stevenson thanked Costantinidis and all who offered their support throughout the search process. “I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity,” said Stevenson. “At its core, HR is about people, and I am excited to work with our entire HR team to foster an environment where each of our employees can do their best every day. This is a crucial time for UNM, and I look forward to continuing current efforts in support of our UNM 2040 Goals as well as undertaking new initiatives to enhance HR services and improve the overall employee experience at UNM.”

Stevenson is a senior certified professional in Human Resources and holds a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics and a Master of Business Administration in technology management, both from The University of New Mexico.