The University of New Mexico Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is supporting women who need to breastfeed or pump while on campus. Approximately 21 lactation stations are set up for nursing moms to utilize a comfortable space that offers privacy and support. 

In the past, the WRC was the default location for these stations, but with a high demand for their use, more locations began to pop-up on campus.

“Since 2009 we have had over 28,000 uses. In 2013-2014, we had 6,689 log-ins and in 2014-2015 had 14,757 uses—that is a 121 percent increase,” said Caitlin Henke, Program Specialist and Interim Director at the WRC.

Henke said that UNM’s Lactation Policy has gotten attention from the New Mexico Breastfeeding Taskforce, a program that strives to make breastfeeding a cultural norm. The New Mexico Breastfeeding Taskforce wants to use UNM’s policy as a sample for other universities in the State. Cindy Chavez, a member of the Breastfeeding Taskforce, told Henke that UNM is going above and beyond federal and state regulations to support employees by having “paid lactation breaks.”

Lactation Station Sign
"Nursing Mothers & Babies Welcome Here," signs are on most of the lactation stations. 

Lactation stations are becoming more common on university campuses.

UNM has been one of the leading advocates in accommodating nursing faculty, staff and student parents and hopes to continue to grow support services for these women. The University is in the process of opening another station in the Pharmacy and Nursing Building on North Campus.

Lactation stations can be found at:

Main Campus:

  • *Centennial Science and Engineering Library: RoomL179
  • *Communication and Journalism: Ask at front desk
  • *Johnson Center: Ask at front desk
  • *Office of Equal Opportunity: Ask at front desk
  • Ortega hall: Room 235, second floor
  • *Student Union Building: (2 stations) Ask at front desk
  • *Women's Resource Center: Ask at front desk
  • *Zimmerman Library: Ask at circulation desk 

*Hospital-grade pumps available

North Campus:

  • *Baseheart: 1312 Baseheart SE
  • *Carrie Tingley Hospital: Room 3013B
  • Continuing Education: Ask at front desk
  • *Clinical Education Department UNMH: Ask at front desk
  • *Domenici Education Center: B 107A (Room inside women’s bathroom) 
  • Family Health 1209 Clinic: 1209 University Blvd. 505-272-4400 
  • *Family Practice Building: 2nd floor – ask at family practice information desk 
  • *Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center: Ask at front desk 
  • *UNMH: (multiple stations) Contact Lactation Clinic 505-272-0480
  • *UNM School of Law: Contact Bonnie 505-277-0886 
  • *Mental Health Center: located on Marble Avenue can be obtained by contacting the UNMH Lactation Clinic at 505-272-0480
  • *Child Psychiatric Hospital (CPH): can be obtained by contacting the UNMH Lactation Clinic at 505-272-0480

*Hospital-grade pumps available

For more information, visit and join the Breastfeeding Support Program.