The Latin American & Iberian Institute presents, "1920s to 2020s - To Hollywood and Back: Latin American Cinema & Gender in a Global Context," Thursday, Feb. 6 and Friday, Feb. 7, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the UNM Student Union Building ballroom A. All events are free, open to the public and no registration is required. 

"1920s to 2020s: To Hollywood and Back: Latin American Cinema & Gender in a Global Context" is a two-day, interdisciplinary symposium focused on stimulating cross-disciplinary dialogue among UNM faculty and invited scholars from across the country whose work involves Brazilian Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Cuban and Caribbean Studies, International and Area Studies, Language and Linguistics and Spanish and Portuguese. The symposium considers the ebbs and flows of actors, directors, films and ideas between Hollywood and Latin America. The focus of the panelists is on questions of gender, in the form of appropriation of actors and actresses from Latin America by Hollywood, the socio-political positioning of gender rights vis-á-vis an international cinematic stage, the growth of other directorial voices that challenge -- or not -- the traditional heteronormative male gaze, or the use of film and its growing accessibility as a socio-political forum that traverses borders.

Keynote presenters Robert Irwin and Ana López discuss, respectively, "El cine mexicano se impone: Foreigners, Gender, Social Hierarchies in Mexican Golden Age Cinema" and "Beyond the Retomada: Contemporary Woman Filmmakers in Brazil." Additional panels consider "The Evolution of Mexican Film in the 20th Century," "Hollywood, Exoticism and Nationalism: Women and Stardom Across Borders," "Neoliberal and Necropolitical Embodied Aesthetics in Mexican Film," and "Matrices of Domination: Gender, Race and Politics in Contemporary Brazilian Film." Afternoon sessions will be followed by an opportunity for extended dialogue with the panelists.

Visit the conference site for more information.