In 2003, UNM began offering late starting courses, also known as intersession courses, as an extension of the fall semester to give students an opportunity to take additional classes over winter break.

"Intersession courses were devised by the enrollment management team as a means of helping students achieve or retain the Lottery Success Scholarship because students could raise their (grade point average) or accumulate the necessary credits for scholarship eligibility. Therefore, intersession was originally a retention strategy," said Terry Babbitt, associate vice president of enrollment management.

One benefit of taking an additional class is accelerating degree completion. Students also have an opportunity to add another class to the fall schedule for financial aid or scholarship qualifications. No additional tuition is charged for students who fall between a 12- and 18-hour course load for the fall semester. Course fees still apply.

"Taking a course over winter break provides a great benefit to students," President David Schmidly said. "In the past, approximately 1,500 students took intersession classes with 90 percent of students taking one three-credit hour course," he continued.

A selection of university core and upper division electives are offered through the following academic colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and Planning, and Anderson School of Management. More than 50 intersession courses are available with 1,200 seats.

"As we focus on improving our graduation rates, offering courses during intersession is one of our most effective institutional tools," Interim Provost Chaouki Abdallah said, "thereby offering more opportunities for students to complete their degrees or to make up a course."

Late starting courses are offered Dec. 19-21 and Jan. 3-13. Check the schedule for exact dates and times for each course. In addition to the classes offered on main campus, three online courses are available. Course details can be found at; click Late Starting Courses.

Registration for late starting courses has begun and continues through Friday, Dec. 16. For questions or additional details, contact Danita Gomez at (505) 277-0896 or

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