Julia Fulghum

Julia Fulghum, the UNM Vice President for Research spoke to a Legislative Finance Committee hearing last Thursday, Aug. 12, about the breadth and scope of research at UNM.

She spoke about UNM's role as a flagship institution, and a Carnegie Very High Research institution and the impact of UNM on the economy of New Mexico.

She outlined some of the additional costs associated with hosting intensive research activity and how the investment in research infrastructure returns the initial financial investment many times over.  Fulghum pointed out that UNM currently is managing more than $396 million in research activity.

In her remarks she emphasized that UNM research in the areas of  nanotechnology, materials and semiconductors, climate change and long term ecology, addictions and substance abuse, health policy, and emerging and sustainable energy technologies is among the best in the world.

Fulghum's power point presentation can be found UNM Research.

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