On Wednesday, Sept. 21, as part of the grand re-opening of Hodgin Hall and in conjunction with Homecoming activities, the UNM Alumni Relations office will bury a time capsule that will remain underground 100 years, until 2111. Students, staff, faculty and alumni are encouraged to submit letters for inclusion in the capsule. The deadline to submit letters in the time capsule has been extended through Thursday, Sept. 1.

Charlene Chavez Tunney, associate director, Alumni Relations, is chair of the 2111 Time Capsule Committee, which has representatives from across campus and the community. They are deciding what gets included in the capsule. She asks, "One hundred years from now, what will UNM students, faculty and friends want to know about UNM today?"

The committee invites alumni, faculty, staff and students to submit a letter. "We will choose one handwritten letter from each group to include in the 2111 time capsule," Chavez Tunney said. "In writing a letter consider what you hope will be the same as well as what you hope changes. This is your chance to talk to the future," she said.

Go to Time Capsule to enter. The 2111 Time Capsule Committee will choose which four letters will be included.

Chavez Tunney added that the committee is taking suggestions on other items to be included – keeping in mind that the capsule is not very large. To submit ideas, photos and stories, go to the above time capsule link.

Be a Time Capsule Facebook friend at - UNM 2111 Time Capsule.