The next meeting of the Board of Directors of Lobo Development Corporation will take place on Monday, Aug. 30, from 1 – 3 p.m.  in the Stanford room on the second floor of 1155 University Blvd SE in Albuquerque.


  1. Call to order

  2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

  3. Athletic Master Plan

  4. South Campus Commercial Development

      a.  possible sites and master plan considerations
      b.  potential commercial uses

5.  South Campus Housing (ACC) Construction Status Report

6. Central Campus Planning Process for Student Housing

7. Election of Chair and Vice Chair for FY 2010-11

8. Financial Report – 4th quarter

9. FY 2010-11 Budget

10. Approval of URPEDA Compliance Document

 11. Executive Session

a. Vote to close the meeting and proceed in Executive Session.
b. Discussion and determination where appropriate of potential purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property, pursuant to section 10-15-1H (8), NMSA 1978
c. Discussion and determination, where appropriate, of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H(2), NMSA (1978).
d. Vote to re-open the meeting
e. Certification that only those matters described in Agenda item b and c were discussed in Executive Session and if necessary, ratification of actions, if any, taken in Executive Session.

12. Adjournment.

Media Contact:  Susan McKinsey (505) 277-1807,  cell: (505) 362-5530; e-mail: