UNM's Sustainability Studies has arranged for the Lobo Growers Market to open every Wednesday through Sept. and early Oct. on Cornell Plaza, west of Johnson, across from Center for the Arts. The first market is set for Wednesday, Aug. 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  About 10 vendors are expected.

Kimberly Barnett, Lobo Growers Market student manager said that she is thrilled to be part of bringing local food to campus. "I think that completing the Growers Market class at UNM, farming and working at three local markets has given me some of the experience I need to help make our campus market successful," she said.

During the past two spring semesters, Jessica Rowland the Growers' Market course instructor has offered a hands-on practicum class that explores N.M.'s foodsheds and teaches students how to organize and manage a growers market event on campus. Rowland's Spring 2012 class came up with the slogan for the market, "Eat Smart, Buy Local, and Be Lobo!"

"Numerous students have suggested that our program create a market that operates on a weekly basis during the fall semester, when local produce is at its best and most abundant," Rowland said. "I'm so pleased that this dream is now a reality and that one of our very own Sustainability Studies students is the market manager."

The market is sponsored by UNM Sustainability Studies. If you have suggestions about items you would like to see available at the growers market, you can submit ideas to the group and read more about them on their blog.