Laura Montoya received the Lobo Louie Fellow of the Year Award.
The University of New Mexico Office of Student Affairs recently hosted the Louie Awards, an annual event that allows the campus community to nominate individuals for various awards: student service employee of the year, fellow of the year, service provider and student employee.

Eliseo "Cheo" Torres, vice president of Student Affairs, said, "The Louies are part of the Student Affairs comprehensive recognition program and are an excellent opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributors from within our division."

The 2013 theme, "All Roads Lead to UNM," was designed with a "Wizard of Oz" motif. The Student Affairs fellows took charge of organizing the event and creating decorations. Winners, the diploma reads, "Display the qualities of Courage, Heart and Intellect."

Award Winners

Community Service Award: Jason Fuller and Denise Long

Employee of the Year: Caitlin Henke

Fellow of the Year: Laura Montoya

Service Provider Award: Marjori Krebs, Sue MacEachen and Kim Halsten-Mora

Student Employee Award: Miquela Ortiz

All winners received a Lobo Louie statuette, and each received either $500 or gift certificates to the UNM Bookstore.

: Photos by Karen Wentworth