For years the recreation area located on Lower Johnson Field has been the home of a cracked asphalt basketball court and a volleyball court that could only be described as rough around the edges, but all that is changing now.

The Lower Johnson Field recreation area across from Coronado Hall, located at the northeast corner of Redondo and Redondo Court, is getting a full court press of renovations. The renovations will include the new basketball court, both regulation and “fun” sized volleyball courts, fresh turf and new shade trees. The project is moving along with the removal of the old basketball court, which was replaced with new concrete. The backboards and hoops, with new style wire netting, lay off to one side of the construction waiting to be put in place.

The improvements had been on UNM's long list of things to do for some time, with attempts to get the project underway more than two years ago. The project recently received approval after student groups found the means to garner some of the necessary funding and successfully appeal to the University for the remaining funds.

Now underway, the project is being overseen by UNM architect Sue Mortier. “It came together really fast and furious. There might still be some small details but it should be completed by August 7, hopefully,” she said.

The project was just green light in early-May but Mortier is still optimistic about the scheduled deadline.

“It should be finished before students start moving in for the next semester, we might need a few moving parts but things like that shouldn’t be more than a month behind,” said Mortier.

For more information, contact Planning and Campus Development.