Spend your Winter Intersession creating ways to make money instead of finding ways to spend it. The University of New Mexico's Innovation Academy, in partnership with Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies, is offering the popular Spring Break course Design. Build. Bank. over Winter Break. You can earn three credits in just five days, that will count in your Fall tuition block.  

Design. Build. Bank. is the course where students will use interactive and project-based methods to create a business idea, product, place, application, etc. and learn how to make money doing it. The course was so popular the first time it was offered during spring break last March, that it’s getting a section in winter too. Students don’t even need to have an idea already, they can develop one when they get to the class.

The course is listed as LAIS 309.113 and classes will take place Jan. 13-17 (Monday through Friday). Class will take place at the Lobo Rainforest and will run 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., but don’t worry, it definitely won’t be eight hours of lecture.

Use the week before school starts to build the next social media app, instead of oversharing on the ones you already have.

Design. Build. Bank.

For more information, contact Tiffini Porter at tjp0217@unm.edu.