The University of New Mexico Purchasing Department presented their first UNM Sustainability Award to Alicia Martinez, administrative assistant in the Civil Engineering department, for having the highest amount of “Green spend” on campus. 

Martinez proudly displayed her award and basket of “green” goodies. “I was totally unaware that there was an award for Green spending on campus,” she said. “I am very proud to be the first recipient of the award, especially because the Civil Engineering Department is so driven toward sustainability, conservation and all around environmental health."

The Purchasing Department strives to move the campus toward a greener and more sustainable purchasing mindset. In March 2012, they developed UNM’s 4-P (Planet, People, Price and Performance) Procurement Model to assist UNM in reducing environmental hazards, conserve environmental resources and maximize operational capability through the procurement of environmentally preferable products. Both Sandia Office Supply and Staples Advantage were awarded the contract for office supplies and both companies are vested in providing and promoting sustainable products.

UNM Purchasing Procurement Data Manager Robert Ortiz said, “Out of everyone who purchases items for their department, Alicia had the highest dollars spent on “Green items,” meaning that she chose to get either recycled or sustainable products instead of choosing non-recycled or otherwise not exactly 'environmentally friendly' products. Her spend from vendors that provide a traceable green product line ranked just over 97 percent and dollar-wise was the highest.”

"I believe that if every person did their part in recycling or purchasing items that are better for the environment, we could make a tremendous difference in our community, city and state,” Martinez said. “It starts where you spend your time, and the majority of my time is spent here on campus. I try to do my part, whether by recycling daily in the office or being intentional in purchasing from companies who promote environmental awareness.”

For more information on the program, contact Robert Ortiz at (505) 277-1805 or email