I will be leaving today to undergo the procedures recommended to me during my testing in May relating to a small, slow growing abdominal tumor. My physicians at the UNM Health Sciences Center and UNM Cancer Center referred me to one of the world's most highly regarded experts for this condition in order to complete my medical evaluation and to provide treatment recommendations. The tests I underwent were productive and indicated that I would require further treatment.

I want to thank the medical staff at UNM Health Sciences Center, the UNM Cancer Center and UNM Hospital for their excellent care. There is no doubt that their early discovery, expert care and professional advice are the primary reasons I can now anticipate a full and complete recovery.

During my time on sick leave and throughout my recovery period, I will remain in full communication with the University leadership. Janet and I along with my entire family want to say to all of you how deeply we have appreciated your heartfelt prayers and well wishes.

Statement from UNM
Additional information and updates will be coming from President Schmidly through the UNM Health Sciences Center Public Information Office to our community and the local media regarding his health status and recovery as that information becomes known.

The entire UNM community wishes Dr. Schmidly a speedy and quick recovery, along with extending support to his wife Janet and his entire family.

Dr. Paul Roth, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences said, "The report we received in May was very encouraging and I anticipate a full and rapid recovery following this procedure for Dr. Schmidly."

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