This week on New Mexico in Focus, midwives are in the studio to talk about the history of midwifery in the state and its current role. The group explores the health care community's response to the practice as well as training standards for different kinds of midwives.

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For the first time in its history, Elephant Butte reservoir released not a drop of water for downstream delivery in the month of April. The Line opinion panel examines the deepening drought in New Mexico.

The group also looks at growing dissatisfaction among school districts with New Mexico's funding of public education, and former Gov. Bill Richardson opined on national television this week that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's political views shouldn't define him "as a Hispanic." Were the governor's comments ill delivered or right on the money?

• Julie Gorwoda, Midwifery Program director, UNM School of Nursing

Line Panelists
• Dan Foley, former New Mexico House Republican Whip
• Sophie Martin, editor in chief, New Mexico Law Review
• Rob Nikolewski, editor, New Mexico Watchdog
• Matthew Reichbach, founder,

• Gene Grant

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