UNM recently hosted former Austrian Ambassador to the United States in Washington D.C., Peter Moser. Moser, who has visited UNM several times through the years, served in this ambassadorship about a decade ago. He served as Consul General of Austria in Los Angeles in the mid-eighties and was senior ambassador in Austria's diplomatic corps and ambassador to Japan in his last position. Most recently, he served as Ambassador-in-Residence and 10th Marshall Plan Chair at the University of New Orleans.

Moser presented "E Pluribus Unum: A Model for Globalization?" Moser noted that the "many uniting as one" – the United States motto and message on the seal – is not only representative of the many cultures and peoples brought together under the flag of the United States of America, but also represents where we are globally.

Moser talked about the young history of the United States. A recent visit to a Civil War battle site memorial intrigued him. "In Europe, if we dedicated land for every battle between countries that was fought, there would be no where to live."

He challenges notions of nationalism in favor of a broader global identity. He points to issues of global warming, over-population and natural resources as international in scope, which requires greater cooperation.
The global challenges we face, he said, are "financial, food and fuel." "We could eliminate world poverty with $20 per capita per year," he said. He pointed to the need to assess emerging global values, particularly regarding human rights and "insecurity."

Moser noted that the United Nations has brought the world closer together than people are aware of. "Cooperation on things like postal service was brought about by the U.N.," he said.

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